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Project Description :

Solutionz247 basically concentrates on Research & Development product and projects. We are one of the top ranked IT Company working on e-learning products in Pakistan and our efforts are also promoted by Pakistan Software Export Board.

Quranclassonline.com is one of our latest product related to state of the art e-learning techniques.This product has been widely accepted as the fastest interaction medium between student and the QURAN TEACHER. Our Patent software called (MAKTAB) allows our QURAN students to access their ONLINE QURAN with all notes, to-do list and attendance record from anywhere in the world. (MAKTAB) provides very professional guideline to parents as well on how to teach and revise QURAN with complete Tajweed. It is fully equipped with the voice support of our consultant QARIES so you can revise your online class work. We don't say that we are the first one who has launched E-QURANIC TALEEM but we do say that (MAKTAB) stands us out from the crowd.

Project Details :
  • Patent : Solutionz247
  • Technology : Microsoft .net framework / SQL Server 2010
  • Yearly Subscription : 575
  • Category : Cloud technology (SAAS Model)
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