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Game development [ Flash based game development ]

Solutionz247 has the facilities to accomplish very demanding Online,2D/3D productions.With state of the art animation workstations and software, high quality 2D / 3D animation for film, television and various multimedia projects are our specialty. The possibilities are endless. With the increase in use of character animation, S247 invested the time to find highly qualified artists with the skills necessary to create quality characters for its clients

Whether you need a full-scale design for a game or just one area to be fleshed out, we will do it for you efficiently and affordably. We can work alone or in concert with other people, and we can help tailor your design to your available resources and your team’s strengths.

We specialize in creating:

Exciting, Interactive and well-balanced game play

Crisp, uncluttered user interfaces

Intricate Level design ranging from Outer space to Amazonian forests to Modern day cities and practically everything under the sun and beyond it

Rich, three-dimensional characters and believable plots

Clear, thorough, and unambiguous design documents

Realistic 3D Low Poly character/object models.

Rich Texture Surfaces (CGI or from photographs)

In-Game Animations

Practical, build able designs — no impossible ideas or big changes halfway through

Product enhancements and localization