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Project Description :

Manage your daycare center with this application and get rid of ms excess and also save some trees! DaycarePro allows you to keep a register of children enrolled, billing, emergency contacts, individuals authorized to pickup with ability to upload their photo and set unique pin of each for safety of the children.


Keep a detailed profile of each child, Check in/out a child using a pin assigned to a parent, Record quick progress notes, Track their medications, Record allergies, Generate invoices for the services of each child, Track adults authorized to pick up the child (with photo upload and pin), Payment history for each account, Track emergency, contacts for the child, Calendar to manage daycare events, News module to keep parents in the groove of whats happening

Project Details :
  • Patent : Solutionz247
  • Technology : php, MySql
  • Yearly Subscription : 13
  • Category : Cloud technology (SAAS Model)
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