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Solutionz247 believes in the betterment of the society and so has been actively involved in various local community service programs. Education is taken most seriously at S247, we have been providing scholarships to worthy students in various institutes and organizations. Financial aid is provided to various organizations to support other nationwide educational programs.

Scholars are sourced through relationships with primary schools and our partner high schools. Scholars also apply having found us via the internet or after hearing about KiDS from other scholars. After an extensive interview process that involves parents and a means test as well, ACCESS scholarship is awarded to those scholars who meet the criteria as set out by the Foundation ACCESS is here to help! Each year, ACCESS funds several unique scholarship programs for high school students, college students, grad students and non-traditional adult learners. It's not always necessary to be an A grade student, as some scholarships are for students with particular talents, with disabilities, or from disadvantaged or ethnic backgrounds.

ACCESS - PAKISTAN CHAPTER in partnership with GHAZANFAR ALI MEMORIAL TRUST – UK conducted a three – day eye camp providing free eye screening for over 200 individuals in KHARIAN DISTRICT, JEHLUM – PAKISTAN Eye camp ran from 18th May 2012 to 20th May 2012 near Kharian District, Jhelum. Out of the total number seen, about 40% were found to have no eye defects, about 35% of the cases were referred to NHL for further check up because their cases could be rectified and about 25% were found to be having permanent conditions in one eye which were either total blindness or reduced vision.

ACCESS in collaboration with CESET (CENTRE FOR EMERGING SCIENCES, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY - http://WWW.CESET.PK) is pleased to be able to continue offering scholarships to motivated students to help in the furthering of their professional education. The Science and Engineering Trust (SET) was established as registered Non-Profit Organization in 2011 to contribute in the broader arena of higher education in Pakistan. SET is focused on the training manpower, human resource development, policy development and research on some vital science and engineering themes such as Energy, Nanotechnology, Communication and Computing and Electronics. SET is based on the concept called, “Research Applied for National Needs (RANN)”. SET is in process of engaging various national and international partnerships with Public Sector Institutions, NGOs, think tanks, international donor agencies, world’s top ranked universities, world-class scientific facilities and science and engineering forums. The trustees of SET belong to the scientific and business communities to provide the best possible thrust to the scope and mission of this venture.

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