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Meet Our Awesome Team

We have systematically developed a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants and engineers, with an enviable reputation for delivering quality services at all levels. All our people combine excellent academic qualifications with practical ‘real world’ experience. They also have a ‘systems approach’ to problem solving, the ability to think laterally and creatively in identifying the best solutions for our clients.

  • Tariq Ali
    Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

    Tariq is the Founding Partner, Chairman and CEO of Solutionz247. He is also the Founder & CEO of Solutionz247-Constructions,England.He received his CIVIL ENGINEERING degree from CITY UNIVERSITY,London and his MBA from UNIVERSITY OF SURREY,England.

    Dr.Ahmed Shuja Syed
    Director R&D / Member BOD

    Dr.Shuja is a Founding Partner and the Head of Research & Development at Solutionz247.He is the Executive Chairman of the Boards of two privately traded Solutionz247 portfolio companies, and also maintains several private board positions.Dr.Shuja earned his P.hD from UNIVERSITY OF SURREY,England and focused area of specialization is Semi conductor devices.

    Sikandar Ali
    CFO / Member BOD

    Sikandar is the Group Head of Finance. In addition to general financial oversight, he also manages the company’s offshore. He is also Founder of Sikandar Ali & Associates which is one of the largest Architectural Consultancy firm of England. He has earned his undergraduate degree majored in Architecture & Planning from CITY UNIVERSITY,London and MBA from the same institution.

    Ahmad Raza
    Operations Manager - IT Division

    Raza joined Solutionz247 in 2008 and is presently responsible for company's global technology operations. In this role, Raza has oversight over portfolio technology strategy, execution, and human resources.He is a computer science graduate from IQRA UNIVERSITY , PAKISTAN and also earned MBA degree from FULHAM & CHELSEA COLLEGE, London.

  • Dr.Ahmed Zoha
    Project Head - Mobile Applications

    Dr.Zoha joined Solutionz247 in 2011 and is responsible for advising projects related to wireless communication & Software applications. Prior to joining Solutionz247, Dr.Zoha has been a part of IBM and NOKIA on multiple projects.He received Electronic Engineering Degree from AIR UNIVERSITY, Masters from LINKOPING UNIVERSITY,Sweden & Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from UNIVERSITY OF SURREY,England.

    Ayesha Rehman
    Project Manager, E-learning Campaigns

    Ayesha joined the company's founding team at inception in 2008 and led the company's E-learning service portfolio operations based in Karachi,Pakistan. She is responsible to manage all the E-learning campaigns and clientèle relations. Ayesha received her Undergraduate degree from UNIVERISTY OF KARACHI majored in Education.

    Arybah Siddiqui
    QA - Team Lead

    Arybah joined Solutionz247 in 2012.She heads call quality and customer care team and also responsible for the overall productivity of the customer services team. Arybah earned her undergraduate degree majored in computer sciences from UNIVERISTY OF KARACHI, PAKISTAN.


"Our aim is to develop targeted, cost-effective, reliable, cutting edge technology-based solutions for businesses / clients and to contribute well to this quest of innovation"